Brian Killelea

Brian Killelea is a third generation in the pledge to working alongside the funeral industry, and he continually recognizes the importance of grief and the benefits of technology. Brian, the General Manager at Worcester County Memorial Park, remains committed to non-profit organizations that focus on serving veterans, law enforcement, and those within the fire department. Brian was one of the first to conceptualize connecting memories of late loved ones to the web. His involvement beside WP Funeral Press provides useful with his experiences as a link to most bereavement businesses in the Massachusetts area.

David Lapierre

Serving as the go-to-guy at the customized web application, DLG Results, ( and WP Funeral Press, David Lapierre has been within the online development industry for twenty years. His understanding of broad-based web applications, and access to a range of varying businesses, places him as a knowledgeable web designer of both WP Funeral Press and DLG Results. Previous to his time working on plug-ins and website customization, David’s background was within print media and content expansion practices. He has one son and is happily married.

Tony Brown

The lead programmer of WP Funeral Press and DLG Results, Tony Brown has been involved in website development for over a decade. Tony is an expert in PHP and has continued to write HTML codes for the last eight years. His skills include doing behind the scenes work on websites in alliance with cemeteries and numerous other businesses. He is part of the growing group of individuals looking to connect loss with the online community. In his free time, Tony enjoys hanging out with his wife and newborn son, as well fishing and brewing his own beer.

Kate Shroger

Going on five years, Kate Shroger has supervised numerous obituaries online, including content and development of the sites. Kate overlooks the creation and organization of remembrances that remain accurate, appropriate, and respectable, to those who have lost a loved one or close friend. Her concentration continues to be on spreading and developing the availability of funeral information. Kate enjoys spending her off-time with her husband and two beautiful young children.

Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin has over a decade of professional experience as a web developer.  He has also worked extensively with graphic design, animation, video editing, and CAD. A diverse background helps him work cohesively with specialists.